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BBD Pest Services Logo over the years

Our many long term customers know us as Bed Bug Detectives. That is where we started. Our President, Brian Barton, worked for the largest pest control provider in Canada as a service manager for 15 years prior to starting Bed Bug Detectives in 2009.

We started Bed Bug Detectives and specialized in bed bug detection and eradication using only green treatment methods. With our great success with bed bugs we continued to grow and expanded to offer full-service pest control for any pest you will find in Nova Scotia, and thus BBD Pest Services was born! 

With a new name paying homage to our humble beginnings one thing has never changed, our team's passion about the work we do. Our team of managers, technicians, and office staff strive to deliver the highest standards of service and ensure we are always leaving our customers happy. We provide treatments as well as education on what you can do in the future to ensure you do not experience recurring pest issues.

We offer trusted, personalized service, delivered by highly trained pest control professionals that create tailored pest management solutions to suit your needs and budget. There are no cookie cutter solutions at BBD Pest Services, only long-term pest solutions designed to eliminate pests at the source.

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